About the Author

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have no pets only children: some adopted, some not. I have an amazing husband, herein known as The Hubby. I live in Arizona and dream of retiring some place with four seasons rather than two: hot and less hot.

I studied communications, political science, and creative writing (mostly poetry) at Northern Arizona University for three years before coming home to find domestic bliss. I am a firm believer in the value of self education, and I seek out new information and ideas constantly including taking online classes, gobbling up as much non-fiction as I can, trying new things, and just taking the time to pay attention.

I love to cook, watch documentaries, do puzzles, play board games, read, walk, hike, watch baseball (go D-backs!!) and gawk at other people’s artwork.

I won my first publication in a short story contest with Xchyler Publishing. They are also the publisher of my first novel, The Accidental Apprentice.

I abstain from most social media, as I do not think it is good for people’s mental health. In an attention economy I value my attention more than beauty ads and sponsored links. I do love Pinterest, but I treat it more like a recipe book than anything else.

My (ancient) blog dedicated to parenting and nurture and science is www.necessarynurture.wordpress.com


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