Blog Tour, Prizes, and Bookmarks

Monday, 9/29: Kick-off tour –

Tuesday, 9/30: Interview –

Wednesday, 10/1: Guest Post –

Thursday, 10/2: Excerpt –

Friday, 10/3: Interview –

Saturday, 10/4: Pinterest Review –

Monday, 10/6: Excerpt –

Tuesday, 10/7: Guest Post –

Wednesday, 10/8: Interview and Excerpt –

OK, so this is the complete list of blog tour stops for the Accidental Apprentice. As you can see today’s scheduled stop is a guest post at mindventures.blogspot, so go check that out. And if you missed any of the previous posts, feel free to back track. The rafflecopter give away, which we will be announcing winners for at the launch party, is present at each stop, so comment, share, like my page, and share with everyone you know. This book is awesome and fun and exciting! The rafflecopter prizes include a Xchyler Publishing t-shirt, a cover poster, or a Xchyler ebook of your choice. Not to mention you will be ahead of the game come launch party day because the answers to some of our party games are spread throughout the tour.

Plus, for a limited time, Mechanized Masterpieces: A Steampunk Anthology is on sale for .99 at the Kindle store on Amazon. It features my short story “Sense and Cyborgs.” Not to mention 8 other amazing stories of classics come alive in steampunk fashion. And for .99 that’s a steal!

In other, not unrelated news, I got the bookmarks for AA in the mail the other day. It’s ridiculous how giddy I am about the fact that I have bookmarks for a book I wrote, with my picture on them. It may be the cheapest status symbol (and one of the only few) I will ever possess.

Well, see you all around the tour, TTFN.


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