Facebook launch and other things

So, last night’s Facebook Launch Party for AA was excellent! I had a ton of fun, and I think the guests did likewise. Thanks to everyone who came, tweeted, shared, and generally made it fantastic.
A few items of house keeping:
1. I am in possession of paper copies of The Accidental Apprentice. Woot! That means my local AZ friends can hit me up for a copy. They are $12.00 when you buy them from me plus you get them signed and you don’t have to pay shipping. Score! Just go to the contact page and put I Want A Book! at the top of the message. If you are out of state, and would like a signed copy, message me with Signed Copy at the top of the message and we’ll work it out.
2. Giclee prints, 11×14, of my sister’s painting of Lady Felecia are now available to purchase on the Books and Other things page. They are $20 and that includes the shipping (US only, sorry Canada).
That’s all for now. Toodle-pip!


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