Anika Goes to the Movies: Abominable

Quick review: 4.5 stars Abominable is adorable! It is clean, has great messages about the value of living an IRL life, connecting with family, dealing with grief, and doing what you think is right. 


Long review with little to spoil: If you have a fall break coming up and a pile of children that need to be entertained you could do A LOT worse than going to see Abominable.

Yi is a teenage girl, coping with the loss of her father by being insanely busy, avoiding family connection, and saving like crazy to fund the trip across China she and her father had planned to take someday. Jin is a self absorbed, smart phone addict who is more concerned about the condition of his shoes than taking care of the people around him. And Peng, Jin’s younger cousin, is a lonely kiddo who loves basketball, but can’t get anyone to play with him.

When Yi discovers a yeti, whom she names Everest, it begins a cascade of one adventure to the next trying to get him home. 

This is seriously the most delightful kids’ movie I’ve seen since Kubo and the Two Strings. 

And best part, the bad guys get their comeuppance unless they change, which one of them does! The humor is on point and never vulgar or stupid, the running gags are charming rather than annoying like many kids’ films. 

Stay through the end of the credits if your rugrats will stand for it. The pictures throughout are darling and culminate in a really sweet wrap-up of the film. 

I know this isn’t super involved, but it’s easier to pick things apart when there’s lots to complain about. The only beef I had was that the antagonists were a little wooden and a touch contrived, but your kids won’t notice a thing. 

And the animation and the music are beautiful. *Runs to itunes to download album* You will enjoy this as much as your kids will. I’m definitely keeping this one in my back pocket for that day during break where murdering the children starts to look like a viable solution. Taking them to a lovely movie with good lessons and themes that they will laugh at is a fantastic alternative. 

’Til next time, enjoy the show!


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