Poetry Piazza: Evening in the Garden

camping tent surrounded with trees during nighttime

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Scent of basil is an herbaceous gift of the cool autumn air

Oval olive leaves play a staccato counter point to five petalled primroses

I drink in this effervescent moment, so thirsty for for anything that drowns the disconnection.

Balsamic bliss blossoms on the tongue

Pistachio and lemon promenade then settle into memory as an indulgence of the purest pleasure

Crushed, but not common, sun-dried tomato raises the palette to rare richness.

Song lyrics soak into skin, buoyed on the fall breeze

Moon makes a move on the maples, slipping silver sweaters over each leaf

And I am swept away in the sensation of freedom mingled in a mindful moment.


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