Update: Super Secret Project Revealed

Remember how I teased a project a few weeks ago, that I was crazy excited about? Well it’s here!!

Time Management front cover

Time Management for Creative People is now available on Amazon!

This really was a labor of love. More than five years ago I went to a class by the lovely Deirdra Eden about how creative people think differently, and therefore, need to manage their time in a way that works for them.

Over the years I’ve tried a myriad of methods for organizing and tracking my time usage. They all felt constricting, rigid, and just not me. They were all a product of the modern, industrial, hustle-based model of productivity. I couldn’t stick with any of them.

Deirdra’s class was a revelation.

Creative people need to work in the season’s and cycles that move all natural creation.

I told her after the class that this information needs to be EVERYWHERE, and that she needed to put it in a book.

Life intervened, as it does for so many of us, and thoughts of Deirdra’s amazing ideas drifted to the back of my head.

Then this spring I found out from a friend that the book was happening. I was thrilled. There may have been dancing.

And then a few weeks later, Deirdra contacted me about helping.

I squealed, I jumped, and said, “Yes, please!!”

It’s been such a pleasure to help her organize and realize this project. I print out the weekly sheet every week, and trust me, you are going to want to make copies, too. If you are looking to bring your creative life in line with the demands of the rest of your life, this is the book and the system you’ve been waiting for.

tm ad eYou can get Time Management for Creative People on Amazon now. Yes, right now! You won’t be sorry.

And tell me in the comments how it goes! What parts of your life feel out of sync? What season/cycle of your creative life are you in? Where are your big dreams about to take you?

Talk to you all soon!



One thought on “Update: Super Secret Project Revealed

  1. I’ve already started reading it (amid the season/chaos of school starting). I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to learn more!

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