Just Monday

Hello Readers, Writers, and Friends,

I come to you with disappointments. I will not be fictioning (little red wavy line says it’s not a word, but I have used it in a grammatically appropriate way, therefore šŸ˜› ) today.

I love my little narratives that force a kid of focus on the minutiae of language to tell a very precise kind of story. It’s great fun and good exercise.

But I need a break today. I need my life to give me a break, and since it will not I am taking these tiny moments that I have set aside for drafting and just breathe a little. I need to sort out a new routine. Something that will both serve my family’s needs and my own creative ones. And this, this current run around and around, is not working.

This year I chose the word “move” as my theme and it turned out to be so laden with pressure to accelerate that it backfired within a couple of weeks. I decided that the word “assemble” was more apropos to what I needed to realize in the year 2022. But I haven’t really given myself the time to do that. And the weeks just keep coming, each one full of all the standard to and froms, all the business that comes with raising children, with special additions that range from money woes to sad news to insane news.

So, today, I will leave you with a little card I made for a friend, wish you each a lovely Valentine’s day.

Read well and write on,


Happy Valentine’s Day

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