The Perfect Prompt: Why Some Spur Inspiration and Others Fall Flat

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The Lessons of COVID: An Exercise in Observation

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“A Republic If You Can Keep It”

Watch this video. I’ll wait.

I love my country.

Not in the lockstep, blind adoration sort of way. Rather, I love that my country allows each individual to make mistakes(within the bounds of the law), learn, grow, and make their own choices about all the things that are within their personal control.

Does it do these things perfectly? Of course not.

Like all countries it’s run by people. People are prone to greed, short-sightedness, and cruelty. Most other countries find their governments full of blatant corruption that only seems to get turned over to a new crop of tyrants with each election cycle.

But unlike many countries ours is governed by sound principles that were laid forth in our country’s founding documents. If you haven’t read the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights in a while, it might be time for a thoughtful reread. The standards those documents raised, regardless of their need for expansion and broader application, laid a foundation of liberty that was never seen in the world before. If we let those standards succumb to corruption, government overreach, and the end of rule of law they may not be seen in our lifetimes again.

Those principles have taken a beating in the last decade or so (also in various forms throughout the USA’s short history). What are supposed to be open platforms of discussion and participation have morphed into private gardens of societal conformity. Thought policing and social pandering are the so called community building of the day.

I want to live in the America I idealistically believed in as a child, a place of liberty, access to markets and ideas, and respect for the law and each other as citizens of the freest nation on the planet.

Which is why I am telling those that stop by to hear my ramblings from time to time that I have committed to the Unity2020 movement. I want courageous, capable, patriotic leadership. And if I could add an adjective to the movement’s aims, it would be HONEST. But I’d rather start with a few positive attributes and build from there, than accept the lesser evil again.

I felt the same way when I voted for Evan McMullin in 2016. I wasn’t about to put my support behind any candidate I knew to be corrupt. I couldn’t guarantee that he wasn’t, but there wasn’t a mountain of evidence that he was. It’s a sad state of affairs.

So this election cycle I want everyone to know where I stand. I want to support a movement that will put forth worthy candidates. Not perfect folks, but decent folks. Not the producers of hilarious or infuriating Twitter, but long-form thinkers who communicate in more than a few hundred characters.

If that appeals to you, and you’re an American, or you just think the fall of the United States would be really bad for the planet, geopolitically or economically speaking, then go read up on Unity2020.

Unsolicited Advice: Part Glue, er, Two

Look back through the archives for a spell and you’ll be reminded that I pointed everyone to Kevin Kelly’s 68 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice.

I feel like most of the world is either in desperate need of or trying frantically to give some form of unsolicited guidance/opinions/pseudo-scientific hoopla. So I decided to return to it this week for a little inspiration.

Today’s Tidbit: Don’t Trust All Purpose Glue

The obvious sentiment being that different projects require different tools. The more generic the tools, the less specific the application. Wood working requires wood glue, a substance that has a seriously viscous texture to make adherence to a porous surface possible. You want to bind a couple pieces of plastic? Well the bottle better say, specifically, that it can bind plastics. Otherwise, you may as well melt the things and smoosh them together to cool, while you huff toxic fumes. It’d be more effective.

But I suspect there’s a broader applicability.


If there is a panacea it’s being out in nature, and getting to snap photos like this.

I am, the older I get, more and more skeptical of anything claiming to be a panacea. Whether you’re looking to fix all the ills of the world, or just completely and perfectly transform your life, there is no shortage of notions, philosophies, and products that claim to do just that.

Transform your body with this one weird trick!

Just purchase my online course to start maximizing your business!

This ideology will bring about a utopia!

The last is the most dangerous, because it’s the most attractive. It’s so easy to believe if we could all just be a certain way, think a certain way we would all be happy and prosperous. The only problem with this is that in all of recorded human history, it has yet to ever happen.

But the truth is nothing fits all people. No size of clothing will cover all bodies. No daily schedule will work for everyone. And as every parent knows, no form of discipline works for all children.

Unless a tool, a product, or even an idea can show you how it will mold to the individual, meet a diversity of needs and applications, then its claims to be the end-all-be-all are bogus. And in the age of disruptive technologies, this is even more the case.

Side bar: If you haven’t read The Future is Faster Than You Think, get on that.

Just as we get used to a dominant tech, it gets over-turned by the next, and leaves us all scratching our heads about the promises it made to liberate mankind.

Here’s the thing, humanity can’t be liberated from itself. The wood can’t stop being wood. The plastic will still be plastic if you melt it. Each needs a specific glue to bind it. Nothing short will do the trick.

The history of humanity indicates that we tend toward the lazy, entitled, and greedy- ACROSS THE BOARD. No governing system, no ideology, no weird weight loss trick will change our basic natures.

But humans have some pretty cool built in features, too. We build family and community,  we are attentive to our children when our brains aren’t being hijacked by addiction, and we dream about and adapt toward a better future.

That means human-specific glues will be unity focused, community enhancing (not destroying), and imagination supporting. They will be full of nuance and context. They will understand that people make mistakes, and cannot be held to perfectionist standards without breaking.

I hope we know these fixatives when we find them. We have a lot of projects that need some adhesion.

Oh, and if you happen to know what that one weird trick that will give me abs without exercise is, let me know.