Flash Fiction Friday: The Cure and the Disease

Hello Readers, Writers, and Friends, Welcome to yet another Friday. It’s been a rough one this morning. Every writer knows that sometimes the words run like a river from somewhere beyond your brain to your finger tips. It is effortless … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Friday: The Family Jewels

Hello Readers, Writers,and Friends, This week has been really awesome in some respects (Grand Canyon!) and really frightening in others. I think I’m going to tell you all about the scary stuff in a post on Monday, so stay tuned. … Continue reading

Sassy Fiction Saturday: Last Dance

Hello Readers, Writers, and Friends, As promised I am here, doing what we always dot o break in the weekend, just a day late. This week has been a rough one. Emotionally heavy, complicated, full of comings and goings that … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Friday That Wasn’t

Hey Readers, Writers, and Friends,

What can I say? The day just got away from me. I had a school function for my kids, I had to get to the store early in the day to keep away from the rush (turns out the snow birds have descended early which means the rush is always), I pulled prompts, and then realized it’s a half day so I had to go pick up my kids. It was a crazy day, but a good one. It just means that #FLASHFICTIONFRIDAY is going to be Sassy Fiction Saturday.

I will sit down to do some free flowing short fiction tomorrow. Promise. (crosses heart)

If you are wondering here are today’s prompts: Someone who wants respect, deadline.

Feel free to play with these, and we’ll do another one tomorrow.

In the meantime, read well, write well, be well.