Anika Goes to the Movies: Interstellar


Technically, the title should have been Intergalactic. But I suppose Interstellar is technically correct, too.

Quick rating: Somewhere between 3.25 and 4 stars/5 depending on the portion of the movie. It was long. REALLY long. But some of it was really good. So I’m glad I saw it on the big screen, but I’m not going back for seconds, either in the theater or at home.

In complete antithesis to the movie this one is quick. The movie is worth the long sit through. Really wonderful in terms of provoking thought and playing with science and realistic future hardships. And just conceptually wow. Really. Wow.

Execution is not terrible. I didn’t even hate Anne Hathaway one time (a first for me since Devil Wears Prada). Matthew McConaughey is great. That is almost always true, but this time it really is. I didn’t find Casey Affleck annoying. A pleasant surprise. And really the whole cast was pretty great.

I keep feeling like there had to be a way to condense the thing, though. I mean, three hours? It’s not that I regret it, and frankly I wish that more film makers would make films that warrant real length to accommodate their depth. But with this one, it just felt a little forced from time to time. Almost like if we shaved 20 minutes it would have been perfect. I’m just not 100% sure where those minutes would come from. Apparently neither was Christopher Nolan, cause he left it all in there.

And I’m sorry, but the score is just not great. Or least it isn’t well placed. The one bit that made me really happy because it was perfectly jarring was the cut to silence when MM is getting his 23 years worth of messages. Just gut wrenching enough to be awesome. The rest. . . whatevs.

There you have it. I could go deeper and divulge all kinds of stuff, but it would just take the fun out of it. No need to pick this one apart. Go see it in the theater, the big screen is where the impact is. The chances of me owning this one are slim to I-hope-it-comes-with-a-gift-reciept.

For anyone curious, I have read the Hunger Games series so I will not be reviewing the upcoming film. But I’m totally going to go see it! In all likelihood the next few posts will not be me at the movies *sigh* Too much else to do.

But I do have a great series and a giveaway coming up for the first week of December so stay tuned. Keep reading. Keep watching. And I’ll be back the next time Anika Goes to the Movies.