Flash Fiction Friday: The Family Jewels

Hello Readers, Writers,and Friends, This week has been really awesome in some respects (Grand Canyon!) and really frightening in others. I think I’m going to tell you all about the scary stuff in a post on Monday, so stay tuned. … Continue reading

Sassy Fiction Saturday: Last Dance

Hello Readers, Writers, and Friends, As promised I am here, doing what we always dot o break in the weekend, just a day late. This week has been a rough one. Emotionally heavy, complicated, full of comings and goings that … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Friday That Wasn’t

Hey Readers, Writers, and Friends,

What can I say? The day just got away from me. I had a school function for my kids, I had to get to the store early in the day to keep away from the rush (turns out the snow birds have descended early which means the rush is always), I pulled prompts, and then realized it’s a half day so I had to go pick up my kids. It was a crazy day, but a good one. It just means that #FLASHFICTIONFRIDAY is going to be Sassy Fiction Saturday.

I will sit down to do some free flowing short fiction tomorrow. Promise. (crosses heart)

If you are wondering here are today’s prompts: Someone who wants respect, deadline.

Feel free to play with these, and we’ll do another one tomorrow.

In the meantime, read well, write well, be well.


Flash Fiction Friday: The Runaway

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Flash Fiction Friday: Wee Things

Hello Readers, Writers, and Friends, Writing is about limits. Word count limits, world building limits, back story limits. Every choice we make as an artist constrains the next choice and the next. That’s part of why it is so much … Continue reading