Poetry Piazza: Anxiety

I like poetry. And I often write little bits of verse when occupying waiting areas or driving from place to place as moms are wont to do. I haven’t done it as frequently of late as I would like, but when I shine up a bit of meter and rhyme I think I will just start putting them here.

This poem, as the title may have indicated, is not cheery or funny. It is an expression of something that has accompanied my life more than I can say over the last seven years. No fanfare or introduction need for: Anxiety

Want to hide

Sky too wide

Swallowing my breath before I can breathe it

I fear each intake as much as the lack

Crave safe space

A slower pace

Longing to linger on small moments

And shed the rush that is shattering my sanity

Curl up tight

Snug at night

No longer primed for fight or flight

But repose lies just beyond the frantic rate of my heart beat

Can’t slow down

World goes round

Urging me to lean into the fear

Until I can believe that the future is home free