Ideal Apprentice Preorder!

AT LAST! The Ideal Apprentice is available for ebook preorder. (Paperback coming soon!) This, the second in The Havensgate Chronicles series, will go live on November 13th. It’s my birthday gift to all of you. Wish me a super happy birthday by preordering, or leaving a review on Amazon. I cannot wait for you to read all the amazing new adventures of Tommy, Crispin, and Lady Felecia!

As a special bonus to all of you who have been biding your time, The Accidental Apprentice is also on sale for the month of November. The ebook is just .99 and and the paperback is deeply discounted too. Get the pair of them and you’ve got perfect fall reading for the month of November or the best Christmas gift imaginable. Who doesn’t love books?!

For those that can’t wait, here’s an excerpt from The Ideal Apprentice. Enjoy!

The cool air tasted like woodsmoke and damp earth and freedom. I looked out over the rooftops of Havensgate, aflame with the light of the setting sun, and imagined leaping from timber to shingle all across the city.

“You know you aren’t supposed to be sitting up here.”

Caught. I should have been startled, but Master Rezdin’s threats meant less and less every day. Since moving to the Academy as his apprentice I’d had more demerits than any other student. Lottie and I’d had worse living on the streets than hours of scrubbing dishes and floors. At least here I had a full belly while I worked. 

Instead of replying, I sensed the little cushion of air I’d created and let it expand so that Rezdin could see it.

“Not actually sitting on the roof. Clever,” he admitted. “But you know that a stiff breeze could send you down to a broken neck in the courtyard.”

I shrugged, unwilling to admit it nearly had. The first time I tried this little trick the wind did its best to unseat me. It almost won. I’d gotten rather intimate with a couple of bushes in the courtyard. I’d lied and told Rezdin I’d tried to bathe his familiar as he healed the scratches.

“Can you at least come inside for dinner?” Rezdin didn’t care nearly as much about whether or not I ate as he did about entering the dining hall without his apprentice in tow. “Punctuality is respectability.”

I wanted to tell him what I thought about respectability, but my stomach gave a mutinous growl. A whiff from the kitchens smelled of duck. Food trumps freedom every time. I stood on my little cushion of air and floated to the window where he waited. 

“You are ever so kind,” he said with a mock bow. 

“You’ll want to close that window,” I said, stepping past him. “It’s going to rain tonight.”

He looked out the window, scanning the sky for clouds. 

I envisioned kicking him in the rump and sending him tumbling, bald head over tasseled shoes. He would catch himself, of course, so no harm in it. Except a week of demerits. I still had blisters from the last week’s worth of dishes I’d done, and decided it wasn’t quite worth it. This time.

“Doesn’t seem likely,” Rezdin said. “Not many clouds and the wind is seaward.” He sent me a very suspicious look, and fastened the latch. “Still, better a set snare than a lost hare.”

By the time we got down to the dining hall the sky was darkening and the wind had picked up, howling through the cracks in the centuries-old stone. The magic orb lights in their sconces did their best to offset the coming gloom. Rezdin fixed me with his sternest expression. 

I just shrugged. “Told you. Rain.”

“You are doing double reading tonight.” he said flatly.

“I didn’t do anything!” Half the heads in the hall turned our way. Rezdin couldn’t let them see me ruffle him. He just stood straight as a rod. 

“I didn’t say you did anything. I only said you had double reading. Is it a punishment to read and to study your craft?” He raised a dark eyebrow at me. 

My jaw tightened, and I worked it back and forth trying to decide how to retort. 

“Yes or no, Thomas?”

My shoulders tightened at the sound of my name. “No, it’s not a punishment to read.” I conceded.

“Good then. I will see you in the study after dinner.”

Read (or reread) The Accidental Apprentice so you’re ready for The Ideal Apprentice on November 13th!


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