November Tidbits: An Update

Hello everyone!

In case you missed it, and I don’t want you to miss it, The Accidental Apprentice (ebook and paperback) is on sale through the end of the month! If you were thinking about gifting the paperback to someone, now is the time to buy, as it the lowest the price will go.

After Dec 1 it’s back to normal price for both the ebook and the paperback.

Next, The Ideal Apprentice is here!! The ebook and paperback are both available on Amazon now. If you have been waiting for five years to find out what happens to Rezdin, Tommy, and all the rest wait no more.

Books 1 and 2 of The Havensgate Chronicles together would make an awesome Christmas gift for the reader in your life. Or if you have KindleUnlimited you can read either book for FREE!

Last, this month has been nuts. A list of all the goings-on that have distracted, distressed, and delighted me would be tediously long. Instead I would like to support #GiveThanks with my own small contribution.

  • I am infinitely grateful for my readers: alpha, beta, and paying customer
  • I am grateful for my husband, who is all a husband could ever want to be. I am safe and loved and happy because of him.
  • I am grateful to live in a place that values the freedom and the expression of all people, if not always in perfect practice than in perfect principle.
  • I am grateful for the recent explosion in sugar free/low carbs goodies that make getting through the holidays a treat rather than a dreaded slog for someone like me.
  • And last, for this list, I am grateful for fuzzy socks. Who isn’t?

I will be enjoying Thanksgiving with my family, a new movie review will go up Friday, and I am looking forward to a December of Christmas tradition and state enforced homebody behavior.

Let the cocoa and puzzles and cozy reading commence!!


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