Flash Fiction Friday: Lessons Along the Road

Hello readers, writers, and friends! We made it to Friday once more, and in the 2020’s that’s no small feat. Below you will find my flash fiction, written “live,” for your enjoyment. Prompts will be at the bottom so that you too can create your own miniature work of fiction. Post it in the comments or link to wherever we can find you!

Our first monarch of the season. Can you find it?

This is what I want you to know: age is a generous thief. He’ll take the one thing you think you can’t live without and then hand you a bunch of knowledge so you can find new ways of living. I know because the thud of that blown out tire tread, that turned around and cannibalized mine, brought me to the revelation on the side of the road that couldn’t change that tire by myself anymore.

My hands shook too bad. I couldn’t grab the jack right. It was humiliating.

Having to flag down that truck. Having that young couple hop out and get me squared up in the space of thirty minutes, and then smile and wave away my thanks. Said it was nothing. To them it was nothing. It had once been nothing to me.

Now I find myself grasping after the words to make sense of how small I feel and how much I want to rage at it.

And that’s why time is a thief. I’d never have parted with the strength of youth willingly. I wouldn’t have made the again to trade a straight, young back for a better understanding of human nature. That’s just what time leaves behind. Your parting gift for the years you had. Memories and wisdom and experience all pile up on top of each other, enough to fill a lifetime. But the power to use them goes with them in the end.

“You could have just called us to come pick you up, Dad.”

You’re still not listening.

I have a confession to make. I cheated. I didn’t love the prompts I got at first so picked a couple of new ones. And even still, not sure I love this piece. If I own the truth, this has been a really hard week for me. Just putting this up feels like a win of sorts, a snatched victory over depression and pain. Much love to you all on this Valentine’s weekend (here in the States, anyway). Spend whatever strength and energy you have expressing love to those around you. Especially to those you think don’t deserve it.

Prompts this week: Audible thud outside the car, fear of getting old


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