Flash Fiction Friday: I Do Believe in Fairies…

Hey readers, writers, and friends,

It’s Fri-yay! We made it. And frankly, there were a few moments this week where it was dicey. I could spend the day reading until my eyes go offline or binging The Good Place. However, in a shocking turn of events, I am here again (consistency–who knew?) to do a “live” piece of flash fiction based on the prompts you will see below. These are still coming from The Storymatic, a delightful game/deck of writing prompts that I am enjoying immensely. Here we go!

Prompts: person who believes in fairies, handcuffs

Sometimes you just need beautiful clouds.

“Belief manifests.”

She said that on our first date, so I probably should have known better right away. But despite her super hippy-dippy vibe, she was cute. So I said, “Absolutely.”

Then she smiled, and I was caught up in getting her to sit closer. So I didn’t notice when she lifted the wallet off the guy next to us. It only got worse from there. The number of times I’d pick up some new knick-knack on the shelf and ask, “Where’d this come from?”

“The fairies brought it.” That’s all she’d say. And if I pushed for a real answer, like with that stunning Faberge style egg, she dug her heels in deeper.

“You can’t possibly afford these. Where are you getting this stuff? Are you cheating on me? Do you have some sugar-daddy I don’t know about?”

“Why is it so hard for you to believe me? I thought you understood. This is just the fairies manifesting my wishes. You should be happy.”

In the end I always let it go. So I guess the sis my fault. I said I wanted to do something fun for my birthday. No gifts, just get out and do something we hadn’t done before. She suggested a hike that started about two miles out from the coast and then ended at the beach. I thought great. Outdoors, an afternoon by the ocean, maybe something a little indecent if no one else was around, it sounded like just the thing.

Turns out the trail led to a mansion on private beach front. And turns out “the fairies” had left a back door unlocked. And when she goes traipsing into the living room and I’m yelling from the porch the alarm gets tripped. Fairies don’t bother dismantling alarm systems.

Any way, I didn’t take anything. She snatched up i don’t even know what, and ran for the water. Starts swimming away back up the coast. Can we please take the cuffs off now?

“Not until we get to the station, sir, and you make your statement. Your first time in the back of a police car?”

“Yeah, it’s not exactly the manifestation I was hoping for.”

*Phone chirps* Handcuff key in your pocket. Thank the fairies, a bail out at the next light 😉

And now a confession: I took my p.m. meds this morning by accident. So I wrote this in little fits and starts throughout the morning as the caffeine waxed and waned. I suspect i will be taking a long nap or going to bed very, very early. I’m betting you all can do better. I’d love to see your takes in the comments.


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