Flash (Non?)Fiction Friday: Vacation Edition

Hello Readers, Writers, and Friends,

It is Friday. I am in a different time zone. So i have no idea what my temporal relevance is, and I’m not at home with my trusty Storymatic. And while there are plenty of internet denizens I could frequent to find prompts, I’ve opted for a pair of questions from a deck of “Empowering Questions” that are meant to inspire mindful journaling.

Thing is, when you’re asked a question you may feel compelled to answer it, or you may answer a different question entirely. Writing prompts are not meant to be strictly adhered to, but to inspire whatever was waiting in the subconscious. So maybe this will just be a kind of live journal exercise rather than my usual strictly fictional fare. So as I keep explaining to my children, the best way to move through the journey is just to roll with what comes and know that we will figure out things as we go.

When we get there, we get there. For now just enjoy the scenery, you may not pass this way again for a while.

Today’s prompts are: “Is there something in my life that makes me forget time while I’m doing it?” and “What kinds of feelings am I feeling right now? What kinds of metaphors can I find to describe my feelings?”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Feelings are like– feelings are like butterflies. You’re walking along and there’s movement out the corner of your eye. It’s unsettling. And you train your attention on it, but it won’t hold still. It moves and moves and moves. And once you get a read on it, you realize you’ve wandered way off course.

And they’re not all pretty. You finally catch up to what’s happening in your head and it’s sorrow or resentment or jealousy. And you either have to own that you’ve just chased down and ugly piece of yourself, or pretend that you never took that journey at all.

And if you catch them and clutch them too close you change them. They aren’t the perfect flight of fancy they were the first time. They fade. Or twist. They lose their luster.

But sometimes one just lands, un bidden on a whim, and just flutters it’s startlingly bright wings. And you float upward on a gust of joy or hope or love.

Mostly though, it’s just beautiful to observe them, and let them pass. They will journey on and so will you. The moth colored wings of frustration will cling to the light for a time, but they will settle when the sun rises. The kaleidoscope of them taking to the sky with wishes and wonders.

What are your answers to our prompts today? I’m late for a Rook tournament, and must dash off.

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