Flash Fiction Friday: The Storm Slayer

Hello Readers, Writers, and Friends, Friday returns again, and so does the flash fiction. I was so compelled by today’s prompts that I actually wrote the piece and then came back to do all this intro stuff. I have a … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Friday: Ethics Lecture

Hey readers, writers, and friends it’s Friday! And that means another “live” flash fiction here on the blog. As always the quality is not guaranteed, and the prompts I wrote to will be at the bottom, so you can put your own awesome twist on them.

“Harland’s life didn’t flash before his eyes. He didn’t relive his childhood or envision his family. Instead he regretted not having done the requisite ab work to have resisted gravity.

That’s how deeply in denial he was.

In the moments before his head made contact with the pavement, he didn’t regret having left his house without kissing his wife. He didn’t wish he’d been a better mentor, one that wouldn’t generate the ire of his grad students.

No Harland wished he’d spent a little more time in the gym. Then a 5’4″ co-ed wouldn’t have been able to shove him out the window of his fourth story office.

And for what? A byline? Credit where credit was due?

It would have cost him so little to be a decent person, and now he was paying for being a grant hoarding scum back with the impact of his skull on the pavement.

The lesson for all of you in this lecture hall is simple: Get you thirty to sixty minutes of exercise three times a week. It will likely improve your work and keep you from falling prey to your fellows jealousy.”

Mark looked at his roommate. “Who recommended this class, again?”

Today’s prompts: scholar, shove, person in denial

Hope you enjoyed it. Love to see what you come up with.


Flash Fiction Friday: Koala Intervention

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