Poetry Piazza: Pangram Haikus

Justice makes a box

which zealots grind sinners. Pray,

query forgiveness.

As everyone knows the haiku is one of my favorite poetic forms. At a virtual writer’s conference over the previous weekend I took a class on borrowed forms as a means for creative expression and creativity.

Late Rose

Taken at the Arboretum this week.

I loved it. I was hooked from the first exercise which was the pangram haiku. Here’s the deal, a pangram is a sentence or grammatical form that uses all of the letters of the alphabet. Add the pressure of syllabic constraints and bam, pangram haiku.

The BYU digital studies department has this delightful pangramming tool. This makes it easier to get all the letters checked off. Being a highly visual individual I love this little device. I’ll share the one I did int he class, and then I’d love to hear yours in the comments. Have fun

Lexicon falters,

deprives and jibes wicked quotes,

hazy mind grabs air.



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