Update: Accidental Apprentice is LIVE! Plus a GIVEAWAY!!

Hello Readers, Writers, and Friends,

Accidentalapprentice.6x9My first novel, The Accidental Apprentice is live on Amazon! The title of this post may have clued you in. The paperback and ebook are both up, and it’s available for free with a KindleUnlimited subscription.

Bonus! I’m giving away 3 paperback copies!! (read to the end to find out how to enter)

If you didn’t get a chance to read it before the old edition retired in December, or if you didn’t know there was a first edition at all, now is your chance!!

This book is for anyone that loves a good fantasy adventure over the age of eleven. I’m serious. I’ve had parents and kids read this together and both love it! It makes a great chapter-a-night read aloud, too.

I owe tremendous thanks for the gorgeous cover to Ruth Nickle, who is currently toiling away on the cover for the sequel. I got to see the first layout and it is STUNNING!!

A special thank you goes to The Electric Scroll for their formatting services. I attended a class they put on just before COVID-19 sent us all to ground, and realized that I was never going to keep all this formatting stuff in my head and that my time was better spent writing.

Which brings me to a second announcement. The sequel, An Ideal Apprentice, will release in November!! It’s my birthday gift to me!

This book is so much better than I could have conceived back when I wrote The Accidental Apprentice. It’s taken almost six years of writing, rewriting, and long stretches of no writing happening at all to bring book two to all of you, but I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

I also have a super secret, can’t-tell-you-about-it-yet project in the works. It’s going to blow minds and knock off socks. SSShhhh!

There’s been so many little trip ups and slip-n-slides along the way on this journey, and I am still learning all the time. There were moments when I thought this would never happen, but it’s here!!

So quick, run tell your friends! There’s this great debut novel on the block from this super cool (read nerdy) author. Link this blog post on your social media, if you are a KindleUnlimited user put Accidental Apprentice on your Kindle or Kindle app’d device and get reading, then comment below. I will pick three at random on Saturday June 20th to get a free signed copy mailed to them- anywhere in the world. Yeah, I’m eating international shipping here.

Good luck, and remember the best way to show an author some love is to review their book!

TTFN ~Anika


4 thoughts on “Update: Accidental Apprentice is LIVE! Plus a GIVEAWAY!!

  1. So incredibly happy that this has happened! Loved it and recommend it for those of you who haven’t picked it up yet.

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