Flash Fiction Friday: An Origin Myth

Note: I will put the prompts that led to this bit of work at the bottom. Feel free to use them as a means to your own creative exercises. And put them in the comments!! Current prompts are coming from “The Storymatic,” a delightful game full of intriguing scenarios and interesting characters.

Speaking of characters, the Hubby took me to Oceanside for our anniversary. The water was freezing, but it felt great on my toes anyway.

Once upon a time, no really, you have to listen closely. Once upon a time there were two lovers. She had light in her skin and her hair and her voice. He had earth in his hands and water in his veins. And they had such passion between them.

But they didn’t know about the darkness. The dark had the power to suck up every last bit of light and it was hungry. When it came for the light in her, she poured her heart into a letter to her beloved. All her desire for him to stay strong, to remember the love they had, and to care for the worlds they had made together she pressed into the message just as she was swallowed up in a moment of blackest night.

He searched for her, as he always did. Went to seek her feather light touch and the twinkle in her eye. When he could not find her, and stood confronting the darkness himself, her note got through. He raged.

That hungry darkness shuddered before his anger, but it came to claim him just the same. But he took the letter, and all the love it contained, and tore it in half.

A multitude of stars exploded from its depths, driving back the dark, binding it in a form and pattern it could not escape. And too overwhelmed with her light, the darkness was sated, trapped by what it had sought to consume.

This is why men look to the sky in wonder and longing. Gazing forever at half of the love that birthed the universe.

And there you have it. Today’s prompts: stargazer, one half of a ripped love letter. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have a creative Friday.


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